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Overcome Your Management Challenges

Your business needs change as your company grows, and our CFO services are designed to evolve with you, providing clear, unbiased advice to make tough decisions. You’ll receive financial leadership through your key business transitions and receive the insight you need for more effective problem-solving.

Be More Efficient & Profitable

Hiring a qualified, full-time CFO can be a strain on your budget. Our CFO Services enable you to get a team of advisors at a cost based specifically on the solutions you need. A strong CFO will help your entire team run more efficiently, giving you time to focus on acquiring new clients and growing your business.

Giving You
Peace of Mind

With a highly-qualified advisory team by your side, you’ll receive the specific knowledge and skills you need to evaluate your business transactions and improve the clarity of your reporting. You’ll get an accurate picture of how your business is performing so you can feel confident in your financial decisions.

Virtual CFO Services Process

It’s very simple. Start by searching a name, phone number, address or email, and see what interesting and useful information you can find.

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Discuss Your CFO Goals & Challenges

We want to hear all about the type of leadership your business is looking for in a qualified CFO. Share your current management issues and goals for the future, so we can create the right support team to help you improve in every aspect you need.

Design Your Ideal CFO

By understanding the role you need your CFO will fulfil in your company, we can customize your solutions to provide the most cost-effective and beneficial addition to your team as possible. With our experts’ specialized skill sets, you can position us exactly where you need to be successful.

Navigate Your Path to Success

With your custom CFO services in action, you’ll have the support and expertise you need to navigate your financial and strategic planning without having to crunch the numbers yourself. You can enjoy the freedom to focus on growing your client base.

Solutions & Expertise


Ensure your employees get paid on time, every time with our dedicated bookkeeper and payroll software.

Break Even Analysis

We’ll make sure your sales/production teams know the rate of delivery to keep your bills paid with a thorough analysis of your break-even points.

Expense Reporting

Track your employee and business spending with clear, accurate reporting that helps you eliminate inefficiencies and quickly process claims and receipts.

Cash Flow Projections

We’ll develop a long term, strategic forecast of your company spending and earning to help you properly plan and budget moving forward.

Debt Planning & Reduction

Our expertise and experience help you develop smart business plans and budgets so you can minimize your debts and increase profits.

Invoicing & Collections

From invoice creation to the cash applications, we’ll make sure you get paid on time, while helping you reduce delinquent accounts without hurting your customer relationships.

Bill Pay

Our bill pay software helps you simplify your payments, improve your process, and get a better control of your cash flow.

Decision Support

We’ll get to the base of your issues and help you negotiate and strategize your financial planning to make well-informed decisions as challenges and opportunity arise.

Internal & External Audit

Through a detailed analysis and report of all your business’ financial activity, we’ll help you quickly identify and remediate the issues in your current process.

Relationship Building

We’ll just your team to network on your behalf with venture capitalists, bankers and more to help you build these key relationships.

Establish Financial Processes

Our experts know what policies and procedures will give you full control of your company assets. You’ll gain the insight and expertise necessary to implement the right systems for you.

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Who Do We Help?

Tech Companies

We use the latest financial technology and software, so your internal solutions stay as up to date as the services you offer.


Our expertise not only understands how to keep your financial health stable, but also continually building strength for the long term.

Business to Business

With expert insight and analysis of your financial process, you can better understand the challenges and needs of your clients’ businesses.

Manufacturing & Wholesale

The right CFO solutions makes your whole team stronger so you can increase your output.

Construction & Real Estate

We’ll work behind the scenes so you can stay out in the field building new client relationships.

Professional Services

Perform your services without the worry of how your internal processes are running with our expert watch.

Food & Beverage

With a firm control over your debts and assets, you can better serve your clients and more of them.

Media & Entertainment

We’re well-versed and experienced in the numbers game, so you can focus on being creative.

Concerned About Your Tax Filings?

Whether your issue is back tax filings, incorrectly filed returns or you are unsure about how to file your taxes, our CPA’s and professional accounting team can help. Let discuss your specific situation, review your tax filings from previous years or perhaps get those old tax returns done for you so you can put your worries about garnishments and threatening letters aside.

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Why Mathews & Nulty

For over 35 years, James Matthews had been serving clients and their businesses with reliable and accurate accounting and tax services. Now, with his new partnership with Michael Nulty, the newly formed Matthews & Nulty, CPA is better positioned to serve you. Concentrating on small to mid-size, privately held clients and non-profits, the new firm stands on the foundation of a reputation for honesty, technical ability, and integrity that James Matthews built.

Why Mathews & Nulty

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Michael Nulty has been my tax accountant for the past 7 years. He is a true professional and is he well versed in both NY and NJ state tax. He also advised me on estate matters. Michael is very attentive to his clients, whenever I need a quick answer to a tax question Mike is quick to respond.
Chris Allen

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