Financial Statements

Your Statements Prepared the Right Way

Expert Auditing of Your Finances

Through a meticulous analysis of your current statements and financial condition, we can help identify any specific areas of your business that are over or under budget and how your company handles the ebbs and flows of your revenues and expenses. With this data, we can help you manage your cash more effectively.

Error-Free Compilations of Your Data

Our expert data compilation not only ensures the accuracy and comprehensiveness that’s crucial to your financial security but also helps your business stay compliant with the necessary financial regulations and frameworks. You’ll stay well-informed and confident that all your transactions are posted properly.

Unlimited Consult & Advice

We’re here for you whenever you need help interpreting or utilizing the financial information we provide. You’ll be given continuous guidance on the most effective strategies for consolidating your data, while proactively seeking ways to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Financial Statements You Can Count On

Financial statements are critical to understanding the financial health of your business and taking control of your assets.  These reports not only offer a detailed account of where and how your money was spent, but also generate complete accountability of your finances for you or your business.  


That’s why our experts are here to eliminate the frustration of compiling these statements when you need them, while ensuring their accuracy and compliance with all the required financial frameworks. You leave the work to us and feel confident you have everything you need to stay well-informed when making any important decisions for you or your business.

Financial Statements You Can Count On

Financial Statement Preparation Process

It’s very simple. Start by searching a name, phone number, address or email, and see what interesting and useful information you can find.

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Getting to Know Your Business

We want to know all about the uniqueness of your business and where you want to be in the future. By building our relationship on the understanding of your business’ specific needs and goals, we can best help you address the issues in your current financial health and make sure we’re capitalizing on every chance to help you improve.

Compilation of Your Financial Information

You’ll receive thorough reporting on all your transactions, assets, liabilities and more, so you have the information you need to present your finances whenever it’s required of you. We’ll make sure no detail is overlooked as constant adjustments in your business and industry regulations arise.

Thorough Review of Your Statements

With a complete review by our financial experts, you can be fully confident that your statements are accurate and compliant with the required framework and procedures. You can trust in our expertise and knowledge to properly interpret your data and eliminate any risk of mistakes.

Who Do We Help?

Small Business

Your small business is unique and so are your finances. Our job is to take the work and worry out of managing your money, so you can focus on what’s important to growing your business. We’ll keep you well-informed and answer any questions along the way, so you enjoy the growth, instead of dread it.

Single Member

When it comes to financial accountability for you or a partner, a solid understanding of where your money is going and how much is coming in is crucial to gaining control of your finances. In order to continue your growth and achieve peace of mind, our team will ensure your business is aligned with state laws and maximizing on all opportunities to make you profitable.

S-Corporations, &

The complexity of your financial statements shouldn’t keep you up at night. We’ve handled the financial solutions for large corporations in a wide range of industries, crafting specific plans for each unique situation. Our expertise means you can worry less about how and where your money is being spent and better understand the financial health of your business- no matter how big.

Your Data Becomes Crystal Clear

You have more important things to do than keep, monitor, and clean up your books. You also don’t have the time to waste trying to translate what it all means for you or your business’ future.  Our experts make your finances crystal clear, so you never experience unwanted surprises when your financial accountability matters mo

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Why Mathews & Nulty

For over 35 years, James Matthews had been serving clients and their businesses with reliable and accurate accounting and tax services. Now, with his new partnership with Michael Nulty, the newly formed Matthews & Nulty, CPA is better positioned to serve you. Concentrating on small to mid-size, privately held clients and non-profits, the new firm stands on the foundation of a reputation for honesty, technical ability, and integrity that James Matthews built.

Why Mathews & Nulty

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Michael Nulty has been my tax accountant for the past 7 years. He is a true professional and is he well versed in both NY and NJ state tax. He also advised me on estate matters. Michael is very attentive to his clients, whenever I need a quick answer to a tax question Mike is quick to respond.
Chris Allen