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Our team of problem solvers are driven by your specific company goals and the unique challenges you face. We’re committed to helping your business grow as if it were our own and that means developing a one-on-one relationship with a deep understanding of your operations, processes and plans for the future.

Taxes Done Right.

Every business transaction you perform will have a tax impact. In order to be successful, you’ll have greater responsibilities in your tax filing and reporting. With our thorough analysis, consistent reporting and error-free statements, you’ll enjoy peace of mind in the complete accuracy of your returns.

By Your Goals

We stay at the forefront of changing tax laws to help you discover new tax-saving opportunities and ensure you stay operationally strong. Our strategic consulting will help alleviate your tax burdens so you can focus on what you’re truly passionate about and continue to grow your business.

35 Years of Accounting Experience

One of the most stressful things to deal with in business is taxes. Having a successful business means you have greater responsibilities when it comes to the IRS. You want to ensure that your taxes are done correctly the first time and you are maximizing your deductions. You should never have to worry about the IRS threatening your financial security or your business. Put your tax filings in trusted hands and go to bed at night without worrying about the accuracy of your business tax returns.

35 Years of Accounting Experience

Business Tax Filing Process

It’s very simple. Start by searching a name, phone number, address or email, and see what interesting and useful information you can find.

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Review Your Goals & Challenges

We’ll sit down with you to discuss your unique business objectives and establish a firm understanding of your tax burdens. Ask us questions, express your concerns and help us get to know your company as an extension of your team.

Create Your Tax Strategy

With a firm grasp on your objectives and a thorough analysis of the most up-to-date tax solutions and regulations, we’ll help you create a strategy designed to simplify your financial processes to minimize your risk and keep more of your hard-earned cash.

Keep Your Progress Going

We’ll sit down with you to discuss your unique business objectives and establish a firm understanding of your tax burdens. Ask us questions, express your concerns and help us get to know your company as an extension of your team.

Who Do We Help?

As a small business owner, your tax returns are as unique as your business. That means you’ll have specific challenges that arise that need personalized attention and expertise to be properly addressed. We’ll make sure your books are accurate and all your deductions are accounted for so you can continue to grow.

It’s crucial for your single-member LLC to be reported accurately on your Schedule C and compliant with all state level laws. For partnerships, you want to ensure all tax advantages are maximized within your return preparation. Our tax experts constantly assess the impact of new regulations to eliminate risk and help you keep your money.                  

Whether your business has an S-Corporation or C-Corporation designation, your tax returns will be complicated with too many chances for error. Our expert accounting team will keep all aspects of your financial records accurate and compliant with government standards from your general balance sheet, retained earnings, payroll and more.

Want to Improve Your Tax Filing?

Whether you’re unsure about how to file your taxes, have issues with your current tax filings or want to develop a more efficient tax operation for your business, we’re here to help. We’ll review your previous tax filings and discuss your specific financial needs to help you maximize your opportunity for growth.

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Why Mathews & Nulty

For over 35 years, James Matthews had been serving clients and their businesses with reliable and accurate accounting and tax services. Now, with his new partnership with Michael Nulty, the newly formed Matthews & Nulty, CPA is better positioned to serve you. Concentrating on small to mid-size, privately held clients and non-profits, the new firm stands on the foundation of a reputation for honesty, technical ability, and integrity that James Matthews built.

Why Mathews & Nulty

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Michael Nulty has been my tax accountant for the past 7 years. He is a true professional and is he well versed in both NY and NJ state tax. He also advised me on estate matters. Michael is very attentive to his clients, whenever I need a quick answer to a tax question Mike is quick to respond.
Chris Allen

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